Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Fresh Talent

Okay so I haven't been blogging lately - my apologies. This post is all about a very talented person who I want to share with you all. Aine Cahill is a singer/songwriter and I am so proud to call her my friend. She is an amazing person with some serious talent but dont take my word for it - have a listen.
The song 'White Piano' was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and I can honestly say the first time I heard this I cried my eyes out.
I would love if everyone just gave her song a listen visit her facebook page. She has some new pictures up from a shoot she did earlier today. The theme was Alice in Wonderland and these pictures are for next song.
Her talent is undeniable and she writes the music herself. Please be sure to check out her facebook page as she will soon be uploading her next song 'The Pictures'. Click here to go to Aine's facebook page.

Thank you so much for reading as always lovelies! I will be posting soon telling you all about my experience ordering from the site!

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Becca xx

Monday, 31 March 2014

Leaving Cert Talk (Tips)

This last week has been super stressful and sadly this next few weeks are going to be the same! :( This week marks the beginning of the Leaving Cert Orals. French and German started this morning and needless to say I am worried as my French isn't great. My Oral isn't until Wednesday so I need to revise my document before going in. If you are a stressed mess and don't know where to begin for studying for the oral (or for any language) then I do have some tips that may help.

  • Take a topic to revise a night (school, family, yourself, your area, friends, holidays, plans for college etc)
  • The conversation is really up to yourself you need to direct it by only talking about things you know and that way he/she can only ask questions on that.
  • Flip through an oral book and write out on a4 pages some useful information that applies to you. Use these as sort of guidelines for things to talk about.
  • Practice with a friend who is also doing it.
  • Only learn things that are real. If you have a job then talk about it. Don't lie (unless you are willing to be committed to it) If you mention things like having a dog then be prepared to talk about it and don't drop a topic without explaining. 
  • Learn some universal phrases that will help fill the conversation.

To everyone doing the orals bonne chance and please try not to be too stressed/nervous going in because you're going to come across as someone who is unprepared. If you act calm and say what you know and you are not afraid to ask the examiner to repeat the question for you then I am sure that you will brilliant!
Becca xx

Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Dark Lip & a Neutral Eye

Hello everybody! So I decided I would share some make-up inspiration. This is my take on a neutral eye and a dark lip. For this look I primed my eyes with Benefit's creaseless cream shadow in the shade Bikini-tini. The cream product is a fab pink neutral shade and its a great base for your shadows. I got this within a set I bought from benefit and I love it.
Next I used the shadows from my Naked Basics and very lightly added the darkest shade from Wet n Wild's eye-shadow trio in Silent Treatment into my crease for more definition. For my waterline I used my nude pencil from Rimmel and for my lashes I used Benefit's They're Real. For my brows I used my double ended pencil from Sigma.
For my lips I lined them with a dark pencil from Maybelline and finished off with Mac's Rebel lipstick. Seriously the picture does not do this lipstick justice, it is has been a favourite of mine over the last few months and it suits everyone.

Let me know what your favourite lipsticks are to use for a dark lip :)
Becca xx

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Liebster Award

    Hello to everyone! As you can guess I have been nominated to do the Liebster Award, thank you to RiRi ( for the nomination now everyone go check out her blog :). I honestly had know clue what this was until I checked out her blog after being nominated so you can read her post to check out the rules and all that :).
    On to the fun part,the questions.
    What is your favourite thing about blogging? My favourite thing about blogging is that it is a great way for me to share my own opinions for everyone to read. I started my blog so that I could write up my thoughts on different beauty products/ anything girly to be honest. I have been a follower of many different blogs for so long and I felt that now is the right time for me to start writing my own.
    If you were a superhero, what superpower would you have? If I was a superpower it would be the ability to read people's minds. Mainly because I'm nosey haha! Who wouldn't know what certain people thought of them though? Am I right? Also would come in handy to know when some is lying to you.
    What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate is without a doubt my guilty pleasure. Always Dairy Milk though. It's amazing. Pity I'm off it for Lent. -.-
    Highstreet or Designer? Highstreet all the way. I mean if you have the money for designer stuff and you think that there isn't a dupe on the hightstreet then by all means go on ahead. I just think that most things designer at some stage end up having a dupe on the highstreet at some stage.
    What is a random fact about you? I was born in London but have lived in Ireland since I was four.
    What is your favourite item of clothing you own? My favourite piece of clothing is my white lace top from h&m I have worn it so many times now it is ridiculous but it is just so nice and flowy (if that makes sense).
    If you could time travel, where would you time travel to and why? Take me to the 20s/50s/60s. Please. Preferably in America. Imagine living during the glamorous Jazz era of the twenties (Have you seen The Great Gatsby there clothes alone make me want to go there. The 50s/60s also in America as the place sounded like a great place to be with so many things happening and going down in history at the time and the make up, who doesn't love a sixties eye? Take me there someone please.
    What is your best holiday ever? My favourite holiday was going to Spain Alicante a few years back with my family. It was so cute and fun and the weather so nice. I just hope someone takes me somewhere nice this year! :)
    What is you favourite movie of all time? I do have a few all-time favourites (most including Leonardo DiCaprio) but my favourite film currently is The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. It is based on the book by Stephen Chobsky and wow. I loved both the book and the film. It was so cute and I would recommend it to anyone to check out. Plus it has Emma Watson in it can it be any better?
    What's the last song you listened to on your ipod (be honest)? The last song I listen to was Kanye West- Black Skinhead. It was the song playing in the trailer for The Wolf Of Wallstreet (which is also a must see!). The song is just that type of song you want to hit repeat on the music is great in it I think :).

    What is your biggest pet peeve? This is the biggest thing that annoys me and it is when people refuse to look at a situation from anyone else's view other than their own. I can't stand people like that. They always seem to be selfish/spoilt people who don't care.
    Now here are my 11 nominations:
    Chloe Churchill
    Colette Stenhouse
    1. What annoys you the most?
    2. What is the one beauty product that you could not go without?
    3. What is your favourite thing to wear?
    4. Why did you start your blog?
    5. Name three places you want to travel to and why?
    6. What makes you smile?
    7. What is the one piece of advice you would share with someone?
    8. What the craziest memory with your best friend?
    9. What is your favourite clothes shop and why?
    10. What is your dream job?
    11. If you had a magic lamp what would you wish for?
    Hope you all enjoyed this post, Becca xx

    Monday, 17 March 2014

    Top three holy grail products (affordable)

    Hey everybody! First of I would like to you wish you all a very happy St. Patrick's day. I hope that you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend as I did. Today's post is my top three holy grail products that I could not do without that are all from chemists.

    1. L'oreal true match foundation. I can honestly say that this foundation is the best I have found from the drugstore. It applies so well and blends nicely and is a medium coverage foundation that can be built. I find they have a nice shade range and I wear the shade W1 regularly and the shade W3 when I am tanning. At €14.99 you can't go wrong and this is always a repurchase for me as I have yet to find a foundation from the drugstore that competes with this.
    2. Maybelline fit me concealer. This product is also another that I have repurchased because it works like a dream. I love its cute packaging but I wish the shade range was better. I use the shades 15 and 10 with 15 being lighter than 10 in my opinion. Its light weight formula covers my under eye area brilliantly but it does need a setting powder beware!
    3. Rimmel scandaleyes waterproof kohl eyeliner in Nude. This is a recent enough purchase of mine but this product will benefit everybody. Its flesh tone colour instantly brightens up the look of the eye making it a perfect product for anyone who has early starts and wants to look that little bit more awake. Its waterproof and lasts forever in my opinion. I honestly believe if you have not tried at this product at least give it a try. It needs to be a staple for everyone in my opinion. 
    Let me know what you think about these products or what are your holy grail products.
    Becca xx

    Sunday, 9 March 2014

    Review on new Wet n Wild products

    I was so delighted to learn that Wet n Wild is now being sold in my home town! This is a first as where I live american brands are hard to come buy. All I need now is for somewhere to start selling NYX at a nice price. Back to Wet n Wild though, the products are reasonably priced with eye-shadow palettes starting off at €4.49 and eye-liners for €1.99. With reasonable prices I defiantly had to buy something as I am a long time subscriber on YouTube to many different American beauty vloggers. I heard good things about the Wet n Wild eye-shadow sets and their nail polishes so I did invest in some new eyeshadows. The first thing I bought was the eye-shadow trio in Silent Treatment which comes with a brow-bone colour, which is a baby pink shade, a crease shade, which is dark in colour with sparkles throughout and a eyelid colour which was a pretty mauve like shade. The pigmentation is incredible and these eye-shadows are by far some of the best I've found at such a cheap price. The colours lasted really well but I always were a primer under my shadows anyway. The colours go so well together and I wore them out for a night out with some friends and they lasted so well and when I came on my eye make-up looked perfect. These colours looked really well on and made my green eyes pop! The packaging is simple and cute and it came with some applicators but I prefer using my sigma brushes for doing my make-up. My next purchases were the colour icon glitter singles which looked to pretty not to buy. They set me back €1.99 each. I picked up the shades Bleached and Brass. The first reminded me of a fairy like glitter and the second is like a gold glitter. When I opened them to swatch I wasn't overly impressed with them sadly! They look amazing in the pan but they don't swatch as well as I had hoped and they were difficult to remove as are any glitter products are. They also felt slippery and I don't think that these will look well on the eyes to be perfectly honest and they don't layer well but having said that the packaging at the back said that these can be used anywhere and I think that they will get some use for fancy dress when I can exaggerate my look. Over all I give a huge thumbs up for the trio eye-shadow palette I bought but sadly a thumbs down on the glitters as I cant think of a good use for them. Becca xo

    Wednesday, 5 March 2014

    Fancy That

    Iggy Azalea I bow down to at the minute. The woman has only gone and made her latest music video a remake of the film 'Clueless'. From the opening credits to the iconic yellow plaid skirt suit to Dionne's outrages hats. A must see for anyone who like myself is a massive fan of the film which is 19 years old this year! The song is great too. I think I have found my inspiration for my Halloween costume this year.The song 'Fancy' features Charli XCX and is pretty decent I must say.